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18 May 2011

Clinical Trials !!!

Calling all golfers!

Footlabs are looking for golfers of all handicaps to take part in the next stage of our clinical trials into the benefits of orthotics in golf!

The trails are to determine further the individual benefits achieved in various parts of the golf swing, looking at stability, control, power, and efficiency changes with the introduction of biomechanical correction through orthotics.

The total number of places available is 16 and the lucky golfers who will take part will be determined through a draw which will take place at our HQ in Sheffield.

The successful 16 will join a handpicked group of professional and scratch golfers who will also be taking part in the trial.

The aim is to of the event is to gather more supporting data about the benefits of orthotics in Golf.
Trials are to take place in early January 2011 where we will provide initial biomechanical assessments with the results day being held in North Yorkshire in late February.

If you are interested in taking part please visit our website and fill out the contact form with your Handicap details, home address, Telephone and email address.
Closing date for applicants 30/12/2010

Thanks and good luck!
Footlabs Team.

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