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I would just like to thank you for the assessment and insoles your company provided.

Your orthotist was very thorough and helped my fully understand why I was experiencing the pain I was and with my correctional insoles, I am pleased to say I am back on feet and walking the miles I used to!


Our enthusiasm for orthotics is personal!

We formed Footlabs to tackle our own, persistent, aches and pains. When it came to an orthotic solution, we realised our two needs were very different. As are everyone’s. So our company is constructed to ensure that every customer receives the level of attention required to create an orthotic solution that’s right for them.

To make this possible, we combine extensive experience and technical expertise with state-of-the-art technology – including digital scanning, computer modelling and innovative software, often developed by us. It’s an approach that works wonders – as everyone from professionals in the health care system to elite sportspeople and members of the public can confirm. Read about what they have to say here.

It’s our aim to become this country’s leading supplier of prescription orthotics. Not because of any ruthless desire to dominate the market. Not because our shareholders demanded it (we don’t have any). Just because we believe our products and service are the best out there.

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