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Working with NHS Clinicians

We’ll deliver on quality and price! We’ve worked in collaborative partnerships with private clinics and the NHS for many years. Currently, we provide orthotic services for 15 NHS trusts. Because we know how things need to work from a clinician’s perspective, we’ve developed a streamlined service and flexible payment structure that offers both cost savings and efficiency gains. Last year, the simple way we operate delivered savings of almost £100K to the NHS Trusts that use us.

Whether a made-to-measure insole or a spinal brace, the end product can be relied upon to be right first time – so avoiding costly, inconvenient and time consuming refits. A member of our senior management team will work closely with you to provide a service that matches your organisation’s needs with its budgetary constraints.

Our Services

Assessment and Clinician Support

Our technicians have a thorough understanding of clinical conditions. Using their expert judgement, they are adept at assessing prescriptions and then creating orthotics that meet its specifications.

To make your life easier, we can provide you with detailed product information, clinical software tools and downloadable prescription forms. Ultimately, our aims are the same: to provide patients with a fast, efficient service that results in an orthotic that’s right, first time.

Design & Prototyping

We want the best possible outcome for each and every patient. And since every patient’s needs vary, standard solutions are often unsuitable. The advanced nature of our design and prototyping service means we can select materials that many thought were impossible for use in orthotics.

You can discover more about the technology that allows us to do this here.

Orthotic Manufacture

Every foot is different. To provide your patients with the ultimate in custom fitted orthotics, we take an exact impression or a 3D scan of their feet. From that cast or scan, we create a digital version. This allows us to use computer modelling to create the precise type of orthotic that patient requires.

The state-of-the-art Cad Cam technology we employ accurately traces every contour of the foot to a tolerance of 0.05mm. It is this precision, allied with our technicians’ skills, that allows us to guarantee a truly accurate insole designed and manufactured exactly to your prescription.

Once the Design and Model process is complete we then use a variety of CNC cutting machines to manufacture either a direct milled insole or a positive (copy) to work with. The milled insole is hand-finished by technicians at our lab to the specifications you requested.

We only use medically approved materials during manufacture – and all products undergo a thorough quality inspection. This ensures all our orthotics are made to the very highest standard.

Clinical Development


Working to a budget

We understand your need to work within defined service targets – while maintaining and improving the quality of care your patients receive. No matter how big or small your budget; we can create a pricing system that maximises your return. That includes using bespoke software to analyse your buying patterns.

We can then present you with the results and advise where year-on-year savings could be made and greater efficiencies achieved. Call us for a no obligation Audit and see how much your Clinic could save.


Our streamlined systems and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes mean that you will receive your patients’ custom made orthoses within 5 days of prescription order. We also have a secure order tracking facility so you can see where your prescription is in our system – and exactly when it will arrive.

Depending on urgency, you can choose from several prioritised delivery options, including same day courier and special Royal Mail delivery. For your convenience, we always include a pre printed label for future orders and a detailed ‘Care of Your Orthoses Guide’ for your patients.


We want our partnerships with clients to develop over the long term. The best way to achieve this, we believe, is to establish a genuinely transparent service that you can trust. So, every year, we’ll use a programme developed by us to analyse your activity and feedback with any potential savings that could be made over the next twelve months – for example, through optimised purchasing or volume discounts.

New clients are offered a Purchase Pattern Audit to determine what efficiencies could be achieved from the very start of working with us.

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