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Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs)

Ideal for: Supporting Weak Limbs/Drop Foot/Foot & Ankle Stabilisation

Designed to help control the foot and ankle whilst standing and walking.  Can be manufactured as  ‘Static’ or ‘Hinged’

Footlabs AFO range offer the clinician and patient a high quality, fully custom orthotic that can help with the following:

  • Foot Drop
  • Polio and Post-Polio
  • General Trauma
  • Controlling motion of the Foot and Ankle
  • Support for weak muscles
  • Distribute Plantar Pressure

These custom devices are manufactured from a negative plaster cast  of the leg and are expertly created using  traditional techniques.  Each AFO is rectified to specification and plastic is thermo-formed over the prepared cast which is then hand finished to exacting requirements.

We can manufacture the following types of AFO:

  • Static
  • Hinged
  • PLS
  • Ground Reaction
  • Crow Walker
  • DAFO
  • Arizona Style

AFOs can be manufactured from various plastics and can be designed with ankle hinges.

Various components can be incorporated, we also have a wide choice of transfer papers that are available as part of the inclusive price option.

For further information on the components, transfer or order forms please see the downloads tab.

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