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Semi Custom RX

Ideal for: Everyday/Sports/Low Budget Option

Semi-Custom Orthotics (FFOs) are used to correct and support the foot function during walking and activity.

Semi-Custom insoles provide a great alternative to custom made devices.

These insoles are made from a library of stock shells that are finely tuned and built using stock components as determined during the assessment.

Clinicians use the fitting kit to create the specification needed for the patient and using the online form can order a Semi Custom orthotic that is guaranteed to fit and provide the patient with what they require all within 72 hours.

Benefits of Semi-Custom Insoles are:

  • No Casting Required
  • Order is determined using fitting shells in clinic
  • Generic Trim Options & Components
  • Email Ordering
  • Low Cost
  • 72 Hour Standard Lead Time

Each Semi Custom is made from a composite plastic shell which can be trimmed to accommodate or promote function.

A wide selection of component pads, mid-layers and top covers are available to create a robust and custom finish.

For more information on material options and order pads please visit the download tab.


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