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Shoe Repairs

Ideal for: Prolonging the life of Footwear

Repairs to you favourite footwear to prolong and maintain the life of them.

Maintaining the life of your shoes is very important, here at Footlabs we specialise in bringing worn out footwear back to life.

Custom made footwear is very expensive and regular renewal of the soles can prolong the life of them significantly ensuring you to get the best value for money over time.

We have a team of skilled shoe technicians who specialise in the following repairs:

  • Diabetic Footwear Repairs
  • Leather Soles & Heels
  • Re-Soling Hiking and Walking Boots
  • Re-Heeling
  • Upper Repairs
  • Strap Repairs

We stock a wide range of durable materials in various colours as well as stocking a extensive range of Vibram for Hiking and Walking boot repair.

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